What are meninists?


The term “Meninists” is essentially a movement fighting to protect the interests of men and boys around the world.  With the ever increasing following of the feminist movement and with their radical means to an end there is a need for a counter force – maybe better described as a Yin to their Yang.

meninismAccording to Wikipedia the movement first started in the early 2000 to describe men who opposed sexism and supported women in the most common and natural places such as politics, work and society in general.

By the next decade the term started to be used as a joke on social media by men in order to mock radical feminists and countermeasure their implementations of radical ideas.  The use of this term was of course deemed offensive by feminists and still rubs them the wrong way round today.

Since then the term has evolved into a movement that represents equal rights to men and boys and oppose the way modern feminism creates victims out of them in various ways.

Meninists, also often called Men´s Rights Activists(MRA´s) are not necessarily anti-feminists, or at least it is not a requirement, but could be more described as a men and boys interest group.  Make no mistake, there is an ever increasing need for a movement like this.  Feminists are taking bigger steps every year towards their goal of making the male gender obsolete and is in now way, shape or form a movement for equality or human rights but a political force.

Why do I call them a political force?  Here is an example:

In Scandinavia mothers have been the default option when it comes to assign custody of the children when couples seperate.  In recent years there have been talks about making changes to the current arrangement and that the default option should be joint custody, insuring the children´s rights to spend time with both parents.

Feminists have been opposed to this change. Why?  How in the world does a child´s right to know it´s father have to do with the equality agenda that the feminist movement supposedly stands for?

That´s not equality, that´s 100% politics!

So building a movement to counter the feminist agenda is imperative and a part of that is gathering numbers so I hope you share this page with your friends and I also encourage you to like our Facebook page so you can be updated and able to spread the message.





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